The main business of AERODIUM is the production of vertical wind tunnels. Wind tunnels give people a possibility to fly without wings or any additional equipment, using only vertical wind flow power. AERODIUM is the world leader in producing OPEN tunnels and performing flying shows. To ensure the possibility to fly and to adjust it to the needs of our customers, AERODIUM produces the following types of tunnels: OPEN, Wall - to - Wall, Recirculation, and Custom made.

You may find out more about tenancy and purchase contracts at: www.aerodium-technologies.com


Wall to wall
Recirculation tunnel
Custom made projects

Open tunnel

The OPEN or the open type wind tunnel. This type allows a person to fly in the open air, providing as real a feeling of flight as possible. There are no walls around the flying zone. A security mattress, produced with special technology, as well as a safety net is used to ensure safety.

The OPEN tunnel can be either fixed or mobile. Mobile tunnels most often are used for big mass events, shooting a movie or in show business. These tunnels ensure impressive effect for both flyers and spectators.

The main element of the wind tunnel is a huge propeller. A powerful wind flow of approximately 200 km/h is created, when it is operated by a motor. Motors can be operated by diesel or electricity, ensuring a vertical wind flow from 1.9m to 3.4m wide. The wind flow regulator allows for increasing or decreasing the speed of the flow, depending on the weight and height as well as the skills and desires of the person flying. 




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