It all started with a Canadian enterprise which in 1979, under the guidance of the inventor Jean St-Germain, created the first vertical wind tunnel that was intended for an active entertainment. Since then, each day of our work is dedicated to develop these technologies and to make them available for everyone. We believe in our dreams and unlimited abilities of people.

           Jean St Germain in Canada, 1979

The AERODIUM story in Latvia started in 2003, when at the beginning no one believed in the striking idea about the ability to fly. But the long-term work and high level of professionalism of the AERODIUM team was undeniably proved at the most watched and impressive show business event – closing ceremony of the Turin Olympic games 2006. A special wind tunnel device was created specifically for this show, where flyers from Latvia demonstrated an unforgettable air acrobatic show in a height of 25 meters. Millions of people, who were present there or watched it in TV, held their breath at the moment, when human dream about flying became a reality.

A rapid growth of the industry started at that moment, a high interest surging up starting from Turin till very distant places. We drew closer to our dream – flying in a vertical wind tunnel can be attractive and available for everyone. Since then, we have managed to tour all around the world, building wind tunnels in most unimaginable places, surprising Jackie Chan and king of Bahrain with magnificent flying shows. And that is just the beginning. We do not intend to stop. We work to make the flying possible everywhere in the world.

The AERODIUM team has entered the history of the most unique entertainment forms with the following unforgettable shows:

  • The closing ceremony of the Turin Olympic games in February 2006


  • The premiere of the Warner Brothers movie Superman Returns in August 2006, Italy


  • Radox production advertising events in October 2006, London

  • Everyday shows and work with customers in the Allou amusement park, Athens, Greece, Winter 2006-2007

  • The Dubai World horserace cup, February 2007

  • The Opening ceremony of Black Sea Games in Trabzon, Turkey in June 2007
  • The Opening ceremony of Latvia Olympic Games in Ventspils in June 2008

  • The Presentation of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games Logo in Moscow, Russia in 2009

  • The 200 years of Mexico Independence celebration in 2010

  • The Latvia pavilion in the World EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China in 2010


… and many more small and big events.


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