Who we are

AERODIUM is the world’s leading company in producing wind tunnels and performing shows since 1979. We create, construct and produce vertical wind tunnels. We provide world class flying shows and allow everyone to fulfill the oldest dream – to fly. We also ensure everything necessary to help our customers successfully start the unique and breathtaking wind tunnel business anywhere in the world.

More than 400,000 people have flown in AERODIUM wind tunnels in the world. We have performed 3700 shows and flying demonstrations inthe world, where the total number of spectators exceeds 600,000,000. 


Our mission is to make flying accessible for everyone and everywhere. We believe that in future flying in vertical wind tunnels will became as popular as any other recreational activity – like skiing or jogging. We are confident that in coming future vertical wind tunnels built by Aerodium will be available world wide and that we can start new era in vertical wind tunnel industry – flying will be come part of our daily lives.

Our way

It’s all started back in 1979 when Canadian French inventor Jean St.Germain proved that person can be lifted in the air by strong stream of wind by building first recreational vertical wind tunnel. Since then technology has evolved and we are proud to be among those who spread the word about flying in vertical wind tunnels worldwide. We spend our time on earth – inventing technologies and in the air – testing and improving our ideas. This is how we became who we are – major supplier of vertical wind tunnels worldwide.

The most important events for the AERODIUM team:

  • 2006 – created the first wind tunnel for show business and performed an unforgettable flying show for the Torino Olympic games Closing ceremony, showing to all people around the world that flying is possible!
  • 2009 - AERODIUM fully acquires the AERODIUM mother company in Canada, becoming its only owner.
  • 2010 - AERODIUM builds the Latvia pavilion at the World EXPO 2010, which becomes one of the most popular pavilion at the exhibition, during a 6 month period inspiring around 10 000 people every day.
  • 2012 – flying episodes of Jackie Chan’s latest movie Chinese Zodiac are shot at the AERODIUM wind tunnel in Jelgava, Latvia and Jackie Chan learns how to fly!
  • 2012 - AERODIUM creates the first open type wind tunnel that can be operated in premises. The new tunnel immediately is included in the biggest European traveling musical show Peter Pan.
  • 2012 – the AERODIUM flyer sets a World Guinness Record by making the most stunts in the wind tunnel during one minute.

Created for successful business

During all those 30 years of development we’ve invented lot of different solutions for wide variety of tunnels – open and recirculating. It gave us knowledge and courage to invent exciting novelties. Along the way we improved safety settings and now it’s safer experience than it ever been. We reinvented existing industry and now we are offering wide variety of different tunnel types for different purposes – from show business to military training. More on our tunnels You will find in our global webpage at www.aerodium-technologies.com.


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